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A call to integrate the Great Commandment and the Great Commission

God called Dee & I together in missions through a mutual desire to integrate the Great Commandment (to love God with all our being & our neighbor as ourselves) and the Great Commandment (to disciple nations) 30 years ago and this remains at the core of our calling today!

We value YOUR friendship and hope our family website can help us keep in touch, as we walk together on this wonderful journey to which the Lord has called us.

Allan & Dee

do justice – love mercy – walk humbly – Micah 6:8


Real listening is
so close to loving
that most people can’t tell the difference.

Duane Elmer


Our Life Enabling Technology & Science team we work with at the UofN-Kona Campus. We’re so grateful to have the privilege to work with wonderful people.

God delights to hide a thing. Scientists delight to seek them out. Proverbs 25:2

A hands-on place for students to both learn from our Kahuna (our instructors) and to test their own innovative approaches to practical problems. If they show real promise, they’re often invited to test them in other nations where they are needed; but they learn so much through their relationships in the field they bring back things for us to learn and multiply in Kona. It’s a great group.

Somethings are hard to learn from a book. They’re more CAUGHT than TAUGHT

Allan with students completing a hand-made clay stove. Technology is only appropriate when solves more needs than it creates. While there has been great economic progress in recent decades, in many regions people still live on less than $2 a day. Often still cooking with wood on dangerous, smokey and inefficient 3-stone kitchen fires. People must buy or walk great distances for wood and the smoke is often the primary contributor of pneumonia and respiratory disease. A clay stove often uses 3X less wood, with the chimney smoke tunneled under a second hole you can cook two large food pots on the same fire (as well as keeping the tortillas or chapatis warm); the stove never gets hot preventing many accidental burns and the smoke exits the house through its own chimney eliminating nearly all the thick, choking indoor smoke. And usually at no cost? Just local community clay in their field and a little bit of work. But it’s not something you can lean and then teach from a book. You need to have gotten you hands dirty making one to understand how it works. These students were just about to leave for Nepal, where our local staff there had been asking for help making these low-cost, high-efficiency, smoke-free wood-burning stoves.

Somethings are hard to just learn from a book. They’re more CAUGHT than TAUGHT


Our family’s work and ministry is non-salaried and relationally-based on those who believe in our calling and choose to support us with their friendship, counsel, prayers and finances

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