Ride In My Glory


Coram Deo
to do all things, 
to live your life… 
before the face of God.


What kind of father would give his child a bicycle and say,

“I’m giving you this bike to glorify me.”

“So when you ride it I want you to say,
“My dad is great, my dad is great, my dad is great!”

“And if anyone sees you, you are to tell them, “My dad gave me this bicycle.” “Isn’t He great?””

No, the purpose of our father in giving us a bike is not to glorify Himself, but to let the father see our joy, in RIDING it.

He says, “I’m giving you this bike (or your life for that matter)
and I want you to Ride in my Glory

The early church fathers would say,

“Coram Deo”
to do all things,
to live your life…
before the face of God.

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